Dayton, Maryland Weather

25th Year of Service to the Local Community
Lat 39.24°N, Long 76.99°W, Elev 540ft (168m)

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Latest Weather Update at 8:00pm(EDT) on 1/28/22


Current: 33.0°F
    Rate of Change: -0.8°F/hr.
    High: 39.0°F at 1:53pm
    Low: 30.7°F at 5:45am

    Monthly High: 59.8°F on 1/2/22
    Monthly Low: 11.6°F on 1/27/22
    Yearly High:   59.8°F on 1/2/22
    Yearly Low:    11.6°F on 1/27/22


Humidity & Related
Relative Humidity: 95%
    High: 100% at 6:39pm
    Low:  63% at 12:00am
Dew Point: 31.7°F
Heat Index: 39.4°F
    High: 42.3°F at 1:49pm

    Monthly High: 66.2°F on 1/2/22
    Yearly High:   66.2°F on 1/2/22
Wind Rose Wind & Related (Calm)
Current: N at 0mph
    High Today: 14mph at 11:26am
    Monthly High: 46mph on 1/17/22
    Yearly High:   46mph on 1/17/22
Wind Chill: 33.0°F
    Low: 26.8°F at 7:01am
    Monthly Low: -0.9°F on 1/21/22
    Yearly Low:     -0.9°F on 1/21/22
    Wind Run Today: 5 miles
    Wind Run Month: 1301 miles
    Wind Run Year:  1301 miles
Barometric Pressure Barometric Pressure (Falling)
Current: 1017.6mb
    Rate of Change: -0.0mb/hr
    High: 1025.2mb at 12:00am
    Low:  1017.4mb at 4:52pm

Yearly High: 1041.8mb on 1/8/22
Yearly Low:  986.8mb on 1/17/22

Daily Rain Precipitation

Today: 0.04in
    Hi Rain Rate:   0.03in/hr at 7:10pm
    Current Hour:  0.01in
    Last 24 Hours: 0.04in

This Month:    3.71in
Year-to-Date:  3.71in

UV Index UV Index
Current: 0.0
    Today's High: 0.0 at 12:00am
    Monthly High: 2.2 on 1/8/22
    Yearly High:   2.2 on 1/8/22

Solar Radiation

Solar Radiation
Current: 0.0 W/m2
    Today's High: 320.0 W/m2  at 11:53am
    Monthly High: 519.0W/m2 on 1/26/22
    Yearly High:   519.0W/m2 on 1/26/22
Evapotranspiration Evapotranspiration
Today: 0.02in
    Monthly High:  0.04in on 1/10/22
    Yearly High:     0.04in on 1/10/22
Cooling Degree Days Degree Days
Cooling Degrees Days
   Today:  0.0
   Month:  0.0
   Year:    0.0
Heating Degree Days
    Today: 26.6
    Month: 905.8
    Year:   905.8
Beyond the Stratosphere

Solar/Lunar Stats

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